Playing around with acrylic paint, applying it wet into wet. I was considering the notion of impermanency and I felt the process of wet into wet might be a good vehicle.

Other abstracts are available for sale on my website:


  1. Wet on wet acrylics come out very well and interesting things can occur. I am using that technique now, which I learned from using wet on wet oils. These are very nice abstracts. One can see that you have taken much time and effort and your talent comes through. Beautiful!

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    • Thanks Francisco. These paintings are exciting to do, as you need to be fast and hopefully this urgency comes over in the finished piece. What I am looking for is how I can develop this further and include it in other styles.
      I look forward to seeing how you develop it – it might give me some clues.

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      • The urgency comes through, that is the nice thing about wet on wet with acrylics, that you must be fast or they will quickly dry. I try to pile on layers and layers as thick as possible. I do use up a lot of paint but I can sacrifice a tube or two to get the effect I am looking for. I will post tonight two paintings that I just finished (yesterday) that were done with this technique and with acrylics. They attempt to capture the image of movement and of the intensity of a jazz player onstage creating, improvising and making jazz. One of them tries to capture the essence of that small, dark, smoke-filled basement jazz club, like the ones I remember in Manhattan when I used to play (of course I was never as good as they were). Thanks for writing and let me know what you think.

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  2. Thanks Francisco – you are a man of many talents – painting and playing jazz – what else? I enjoyed your latest paintings and left a comment.
    As for acrylics – when I use them in life painting sessions I sometimes find that they dont dry fast enough – but I am a man of little patience.


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