I have worked on this piece for a long time, playing around with preparatory sketches – then putting them aside. I was looking through my sketchbooks recently and decided it was time to reach for a conclusion and set about pulling them all together. The blocks are only 6″ square (15cm) so it wasnt a massive undertaking, but I had been uncertain as to the interaction of the parts.

So here it is – the conclusion – at least for now.

Other abstracts are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. Abstract as well, my you cover all bases. I did think about having a go at abstract but i believe its deeper and more meaningful than i can do. i have seen several pieces i really admire and i love Gaudi from spain, so it would be influenced by his work i think. Does the negative spaces between the art contribute to the piece?

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    • Thanks Steve. It’s as deep and meaningful as you want it to be. Just let go and let your feelings take over, you dont have the measure of the real world just what you feel and how the piece looks.
      No, the negative space has no meaning for me ( though it might for another viewer). I was trying to convey continual change, turmoil and the passing of time, by having the blocks appear to rotate in a tumbling motion.


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