In the last blog I posted – the painting of Southport Beach- the principal reason why I went down there was to get some driftwood to complete a mobile. I liked the notion that the distressing of the wood is a product of the sea as are the fishes.

I started out by carving rough, archetypical fish forms out of the driftwood but gradually, as I proceeded with the project, I left it to the wood to convey the form – though on a couple I cut them in half and repositioned the ends to make better sense- well you do, dont you?

I am wondering whether to get another one and have 3 hangings a 2, 3 and 2 to better intermingle the forms – but now the wife is looking sceptically at them, so they might be reconsigned to the sea.

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11 thoughts on “FISHY ART – DRIFTWOOD

    • Thanks Kim some of these organic forms conjure up all manner of images. We bought a mirror from a gallery in Rye, Sussex where the outside is made up of sliced driftwood and rope to give a kind of collage around the glass and it is all encased in a frame. There are also remnants of paint on some of the wood. All revealing the highwatermark inside.

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    • Thanks Louise. See my reply to Kim above. I know Kurt Jackson in the UK puts bits of found material into his beachscapes and perhaps I should be more adventurous too and do more. I could even paint on it like you do with your animals.


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