Lord Street is the main street in Southport. Once a thriving shopping venue with covered walkways, today it is blighted with shop closures and lack of footfall.

In the winter, the low sun casts deep shadows and lights up reflective surfaces and makes for a great painting. The other afternoon I thought conditions were right for these perfect images. However, when I got down to the town centre, the sun was still too high to get the impact I was after – I need to wait a little later in the year – but still the contra jour effect of the setting sun gave an arresting image – particularly the lady dodging the traffic.

Other images of Lord Street and a range of townscapes are available for sale on my website:


  1. Beautiful and sad. When I was growing up in nearby St Helens, we would go to Lord Street for a treat, a day out, for “special shopping”. Often we bought nothing but enjoyed the outing nonetheless. I was there a few years ago and found it so changed. Thanks for prompting this little piece of bittersweet nostalgia in me.

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    • Thanks Michael. It will continue to get worse as another big store will close after Christmas.
      My wife comes from Sunderland and the little old lady who lived next door had relations in Lancashire and the treat on her visits was to dress up and come to Southport to see the posh shops. You wouldnt dress up now.

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      • I worry in parts of the Northwest the powers that be really don’t care that these communities are essentially dying. St Helens was never great but it did have a decent, civilized town center. Now it is truly grim.

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      • I dont think that this is really driven by the authorities – though they dont help with high rates, parking charges and sanctioning out of town developments.
        The real problem is us. We dont use shops. We buy on line and then beat our breasts at shop closures and if we do shop it is at an out of town supermarket
        I try myself to shop locally, but I also go to Liverpool to shop more than I did.
        Things are changing and planners are not fast enough at facilitating changes which will support thriving town centres – because this isnt just happening in the north.

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    • Thanks Steve – I hadn’t thought that way. I just placed a drop of water into the mix as I painted the tower and let it run to give the effect of looking into light, but it does look like something you’d get from reflection/refraction.


  2. This is a beautiful landscape that reflects the feelings and the energy of the late afternoon. I see it as a bit sad because perhaps the woman is going home disappointed about something that happened during the day, she is alone, although she may be joining someone later on. In any event, Graham, this is a beautiful painting that evokes thoughts, feelings and emotions. All the best and my greetings from Spain. (Valencia, the only place in Spain where it is sunny and 22 degrees!)

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      • We’re at 23 this afternoon! But from Sunday night on, we’re getting our winter here in Valencia! I think the woman just might have gotten that pair of shoes, always a delight for all women! Take good care and all the best, enjoy the weekend!

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