A late entry to my upcoming solo exhibition of flower paintings. I have assembled 16 paintings to show at my framers next week. So I am spending time getting things ready, at the expense of painting.

I must admit to getting a bit down after putting work in a couple of mixed exhibitions of late and selling nothing, but last week I entered another and went to collect my work to find that I had sold three. One of life’s small victories which puts a spring back in your step. So I’m entering this one a bit more optimistically – but only a little bit.

Other florals are available for sale on my website ( which I am currently updating)


  1. Floral art is difficult to sell, i have a few pieces in a gallery (that are still there) of floral subjects, i think its just that time of year and the impending election outcome but we shall see. Lovely picture of the echinops and butterfly, fingers crossed for you Graham..

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    • Thanks Steve. I find everything difficult to sell, but having a range of subjects is a kind of spread bet. I already have a number of floral paintings as I like doing them from time to time and I had to do a floral demo recently so generated even more working out a subject. For a solo exhibition I think it helps to have a theme – if nothing else, I find it more eye catching than a range of subjects.

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    • Thanks Shawn. I painted various light blues (and left some untouched paper ) over the whole flower. Then painted in the shapes I wanted with masking fluid. Painted in the darks and then, after removing the masking fluid, I blended in the light areas into the darks and added more darks.


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