I was taken by the variety of colours in my grapes as they were ripening and with the light picking out highlights and creating shadows I thought that it might make a good subject

The wine production here in Lancashire was rather small on account of the fact that I ate all of the grapes. I have a habit of nipping into my greenhouse and thinning out the bunches, to prevent them getting tightly packed and bursting. Sometimes I over do it.

In this painting I was unsure about the foliage, but a fairly loose rendition seems to have worked. The leaves proliferate and constantly need thinning out, so you get this busy green background which I feel I have portrayed.

Other floral paintings are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


      • where do you sell most of your stuff? after a couple at my local gallery nothing since, he says lots of people remark and pick them up but just dont commit, i have an online gallery with stuff in, loads of views, a few in baskets and wish lists but never sold one, maybe later in the year all being well..

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      • Most last year were at at a one man exhibition. I also did ok at one particular group exhibition – but I prefer exhibiting on my own. I did 3 other mixed exhibitions where I sold nothing. I also sold about 4 from the internet- not sure whether it was my website/blog/instagram or one of the other platforms I’m on.
        It’s a hard business selling, as you know. One thing you could do and what I’ve done, but not enough, is enter competitions. I totally disagree with saying one painting is better than another, but what it does do is get you noticed and is another measure of what people think of your work. If you get in the final etc. write a little piece for your local paper and enclose an image or two.
        It’s just about the right person seeing your work.
        Another thing is get together with some others and see if an empty shop might allow you to display your paintings. I’ve done well at that in the past.

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