I got the pastels out for the last blog and thought I could do with having a stock check. This entails doing a few paintings and seeing what hues and tones I am short of. I found a shop in Liverpool which sells Unison pastels. Normally I buy them over the internet, but it is far better making sure that you get the right ones by seeing them in the flesh and trying them out. So here’s a scene of thistle seed heads in the sun. I was sat waiting for someone on a park bench this autumn when the sun came out and I was caught by the brightness of the seed heads and the way they seemed to glow against the shadows. So I snapped a few photos and here we are and I’ve got my list for a shopping trip.

Other floral paintings are available for sale on my website:


  1. Very nice effect! Great work, Graham! I tell you, you are a master with the pastels! It’s a medium one needs to know well to make it work effectively.

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    • Thanks Francisco. It’s a medium I use in the Life Room for it’s immediacy, and only do other subjects occasionally. Also, I find the storage of pastel paintings problematical as they really need gentle treatment and I dont have the space.

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      • I understand. Way back I purchased a set and never used them, probably for the same reasons but more precisely because I never really got the hang of how to use them to advantage…

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