Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing a bit of life drawing with pastels. This is of Eve. She liked the painting and at the end of the session wanted to photograph it. I said she could have it if she sent me an back an image.

Arthur, a model in his sixties still runs, though he has stopped the marathons

An interesting angle, though I think I could have made more of this and the highlighting is a bit harsh.

Though dozing off with your mouth open just brings out the worst in me. Again I could have made more of this as the shapes were quite interesting.

Other life work is available on my website:


  1. Thanks Margaret. I use Canford paper by Daler Rowney as they come in big sheets. It also helps if you put some paper underneath the working sheet. Also good pastels are essential. I use Unison and take the paper off so I can use the sides of the pastel stick as well as the ends.
    I do do a bit of blending. One painter who I admire is Crawfurd Adamson who gets some amazing texture in one pass of the pastel stick.


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