So on with the second of my demonstration pieces for next week, which I mentioned in my previous blog. For this one the client wanted a floral painting so I selected this subject as I had already demonstrated it last year and it seemed to go well. It incorporates a big wash with a lot of colour mixing on the paper and good interplay of light and dark.

On my first attempt below I felt the arrangement of flowers was too tight and for the second one (top) I brought in some chromium yellow to the centre to help bring out the purple blues of the flowers.

So there is a lot apparently going on with a few washes and hopefully the interplay between light and dark sets a rhythm going.

Other floral paintings can be found on my website:


  1. Another beautiful composition with great colour work and creating a special effect that I cannot describe but that I can feel…fantastic work Graham. I hope the weather is better in the UK. I’ve been seeing the reports on the tele and the flooding seems incredible, but I think it was around the Mersey River…in any event I hope all’s well with you.
    All the best,

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  2. I’ve been toying with doing a bit more in a more limited color range lately & these two show how well that can work – gorgeous, Graham! I feel the value interplay of light and dark works exceptionally well. Strong and still soft!

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