Following an earlier woodland scene I had an urge to explore some simplifation of the subject and came up with this effort. It is a version of a painting I posted in November 2018 which I have put below.

I must admit to liking this earlier version – though nobody else did, well, not enough to buy it. I like the lightness and the air of complexity which gives it some intrigue – the same complexity I was trying to eradicate in the top version. Probably what it lacks is the contrast in tone and hue I achieved in the top painting that immediately ups the drama.

I then turned my attention to some birches caught in sunlight amongst the pinewoods – another subject I have posted before.

In these two new versions, the first one seems to pull in the drama with its contrast of tones and greater simplicity. The lower one gets a bit busy and the background could do with a bit more punch. In the upper painting I’m not sue about having a central pine, but it does give it a sense of menace.

I think I’ll get myself out of the woods for now, but I can see myself returning…

Other woodland scenes are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. Nice pictures of the forest. I really like the lighting on your paintings. I saw 2 white tailed deer on Sunday by our Canal. Actually a quite urban area. A doe and a yearling. The yearling looked a little mangy or malnurished but now that the snow is off the ground it will have plenty to eat.

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    • Thanks Toby. Those are the two I have the most problem with. It’s like a word on the tip of your tongue – you just cant quite get to it to achieve a satisfactory resolution.
      As I said in the blog, I will probably return to the subject in future.

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  2. My heart prefers those versions with more sunlight streaming and more layers of vegetation flourishing, while my mind seems more drawn to those simplified, reflective versions …. So to conclude, I can only say everything has a reason to be.

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