The final life session finished last week, so here are my last live figurative paintings for a while.

I have been alternating between pastel and acrylic of late rather than sticking to one medium and have ground to a halt developmentally. This imposed hiatus might give me time to work up some of these images.

Developing images I have produced at these sessions is something I have always meant to do, but never got around to doing. It might also allow me to explore some different styles as the fast pace at these sessions doesnt leave much time to ponder and I would like to try other approaches to figure painting.

The closing down of these sessions will also leave many of the models without this source of income and some are quite economically vulnerable. There are a number of life groups around where I live so the good models can do two or three sessions a week. The girl depicted in the first sketch, Eve, even runs a group herself, as well as modelling.

Other figurative work is available on my website:


  1. I look forward to seeing the developed images. And feel for the models. This shutdown is revealing how many people earn in different ways. So far the government measures have not included my eldest son,who is on a zero hours contract as a barista on a university campus
    He has lost all income.

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    • Sorry to hear about your son. They are so vulnerable with little savings to fall back on because they are already on a hand to mouth existence. I hope that there is a safety net that he can land in – certainly there are many like him.

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  2. I love your pastel life drawings. My life class is closed down now . I agree that the pace at class is sometimes too fast but I suppose I didn’t think about developing drawings later .So I’m looking forward to seeing your work .

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