This has been through a number of iterations and may go through a few more yet. I just cant get the saturation of colour I was after in the reds and purples. I am considering going over it in oil paint though I will leave it for a while now and reflect.

I made the frame a while ago and love the shape. I have done a number of these non-standard shapes and may make some more in the future.

Other abstract paintings are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. A perfect combination of art and math(i.e. painting on a quadrilateral figure). There is a proverb in Chinese accurately describes this reds and purples painting “万紫千红” originated from a poem titled《春日》

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  2. Looks fantastic, smashing work my friend. I am also working on something, started off figurative and has now become abstract, or surrealistic, I don’t know…but it’s the only canvas I had and now that everything is closed, cannot get new ones until after 26 APRIL! Take good care and all the best!

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  3. I love the unusually shaped canvas and the colors are wonderful! I have found that a good glossy varnish coating helps make colors appear brighter and more vivid. I too am getting creative without canvases on hand, anything is fair game in my house!

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