A few repeats here. Versions of these saplings in a sunny clearing in Ainsdale woods have been presented before. In this latest version I feel I have got the lightness of the birch leaves in the sun. I think the photograph flatters the painting, though it might look better in a mount.

This is of the grassy sand dunes close to the beach in the evening. This was a sketch, done on the back of a one of my many rejects. The glow works well, despite the yellow, and I used masking fluid to get the glistening tips of the foreground grass. I needn’t have bothered as I got far better results by scraping the damp paint with my scalpel. I’m not sure introducing the green in the foreground helps with the overall harmony. You may be seeing this one again.

And saving the worst to the last. I’ve presented this entrance to Ainsdale woods before . I thought that by introducing leafy branches across the path it might help to lift the image but these puny leaves look like an afterthought and trying to hint at forms in the dark areas remains elusive – oh well.

Other woodland and beach scenes are available on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. Smashing work Graham! Lovely landscapes with a tremendous way of using colour especially the light. Loved them! Take good care

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  2. The last painting is actually my favourite even though you seem not to like it. I like the contrast of light and dark, the magic of the wooded area with all those wispy branch tips shimmering in the light. With closer examination, I see a little dog in the painting…so I think I like it more than the others precisely because you added the first / last walk of the day for this little companion. Stay well Graham.

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    • Thank you Louise. All the aspects you like were the things I set out the achieve. So some success for you to have spotted them. As you will know, if you havent convinced yourself, then you always feel some disappointment. Though it’s always a learning point – something to build on.

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