I have been lethargic of late and this was an attempt to break the cycle. I wanted to do a loose painting of a jugful of flowers my wife had gathered from the garden.

It started loose but became tighter as I played around with the lights and shadows. I think this approach works well with large blooms such as the camellias, but the daisies and other small flowers broke the rhythm and had me scratching around and tightening up.

Having completed the exercise I can see where improvements in technique can be made. Now, I just need to break the lethargy…

Other floral paintings can be found on my website:


    • Not sure what you mean about the shadow – its existence or its execution or both.
      The shadow was something that appealed to me as well as grounding the jug. Its execution is another matter. That could certainly be better. It could link up better with the right hand shadow, but I darkened that area considerably at the end in a desperate bid to highlight the foliage more effectively. It could also better link to the jug and even have some changes in edge. It is a sketch after all and does reflect the lethargy I alluded to in the piece.
      Though as I look at it it might be worth developing.

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      • Sorry yes, the shadow from the jug appeared to me to make the lower half of the picture a bit “flat”. Definitely worth developing! I really Like the general composition.
        Really feeling uninspired myself……
        Cheers 🌺

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  1. It looks good Graham. It does become difficult to stay motivated these days but don’t give up, just show up. When I feel like this, I put a timer on and force myself to do 30 minutes. Most times, I end up doing more and feel good about it 😊

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  2. Very nice, I like it and I think the sketching effort and the experimenting is the work one needs to do to achieve at a finished product one expects and is happy with. Great work Graham. All the best and stay safe,

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