Some time ago on this blog, I published a version of this mobile made up of modified beach driftwood. In high winds one of the fish crash-landed and needed replacement. Emboldened by my cycle ride last Monday, the next day I headed off to the beach to collect some more wood.

I made two more fish like forms from wood I found lying around, after an extremely high tide, and placed them on a new string so I had three ranks of fish, rather than the two I first had.

Now it looks like a menacing shoal hanging around outside – well my wife seems to think so when the wind has them knocking against the window in the night.

Anyway, a bit of fun and a chance to get down to the seashore after a month or so away.

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5 thoughts on “FISH MOBILE – DRIFTWOOD

  1. OMG, we have another thing in common, I love making “stick projects” as I call them, they are all over our house! I make my husband help me gather sticks in the park after windy days, I have piles of them all over, to use someday!

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    • Thanks Tiffany. I liked the notion of making fish forms from wood washed up on the sea shore. I started off carving them into fish forms, but the best ones are where I’ve fixed a couple together without any other alteration.
      As for sticks – I have a garage full of tree trunks. I did a lot of wood carving, but have stopped of late – no time- but the trunks are still there waiting for me to start again. I was even thinking of getting a chain saw to do the roughing out.


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