Another one from last week’s cycle rides. This is part of the Leeds Liverpool Canal. I liked the light coming in through the trees on the left and dappling the bridge.

Following my half imperial painting I showed two posts back, I used the other half of the sheet for this painting. I was really taken with the light coming in through the plane trees on the left and the coda of the building on the far left – see below.

But with it I had a foreground expanse with little going on. I threw a quarter imperial mount on the finished painting it and discovered a much more succinct image.

Now it’s cut for a quarter imperial mount – so there’s no going back.

Other canal paintings are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. This is a beautiful view . Great for a ‘ virtual ‘ walk . I agree that the cropped image is more effective. Well done !

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  2. Graham, I have to show my ignorance re watercolor (just started playing with it recently) – was the bottom image the original rendition, then you cropped the paper? Is that what a quarter imperial mount is? Beyond that, gotta say I really like both the wider and tighter versions, the former reminding me of Sisley’s impressionism, and the latter having a tighter more contemporary feel. Definitely can feel the difference ‘tween the two! 😊


    • Thanks Felipe. Yes, the bottom one was the original. Half imperial measures just over 52x35cm. Quarter imperial just over 26x35cm. A mount goes over the painting when you put it in a frame, so putting a smaller mount on the half imperial painting reveals only part of it and made me realise the painting would look better if I reduced it in size. Though some maay not agree.

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      • Ahhhh, interesting! So is a mount like a mat? Or is it something that permanently changes what will be visible? Either way, what and how to present our work is one of those things only the artist can decide conclusively. It has to jive with one’s sense of the work. Both versions have their merits, I have that happen with mine sometimes (multiple presentations possible), but I always want it to be something I feel reflects where I’m at with my art at that time with that piece. Now what the work many come across to others, that definitely can differ, lol! 😂

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      • So very true, Graham 😊 I think I got’cha now on the mount too, a mat, yes! Thanks so much! And it’s a testament to your work that either way appeals, which itself makes it tough sometimes, lol! All the best, stay well, looks like you have beautiful land to explore and social distance – wonderful! ❤️


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