Tuesday dawned bright and sunny – just the day to get out to paint. Though I am reluctant to do it – despite having seen someone painting outside the other Saturday.

So I thought that I would do the next best thing and settled down on my deck and painted one of the flowerbeds. Even the blue tits came to the bird table feeder. Once to allow me to sketch the shape and then obligingly they returned to give me some colour hints later. The result isnt that clear, a shame after all the effort that they made.

I may even do another view if the sun gets out again..

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  1. These garden subjects are always a bit tricky, they can become too busy. I think the trick is careful observation of greens and shapes and leaving lots of paper in the right place. I’ve been thinking of painting a picture of my studio nestled in the foliage but trying to figure out how to overcome those issues.

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    • In the main I am happy with this as a sketch done in an hour and a bit. It is contra jour so lots of darks and also a lot of light coming through the leaves.
      The one area I feel could be improved is the fore ground. There is darkness created by the bush next to the feeders and I followed this, but in hindsight I could have put in some counter change here and thereby pulled out the bird and feeders. But that is what a sketch is for – exploring the possibilities.


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