Rose cottage seems a misnomer for a farm complex, but that’s what Google said it was when I checked it out. Actually, it wasnt the farm that initially attracted me – though the building acted as a superb foil – it was the gloriously yellow rape seed growing in the field in front, with the illuminated spring foliage on the trees. That was what made me take a photo or two on one of my recent cycle rides.

With Boris’ latest edict I might now get back to painting outside in the coming days – though the temperature has taken a nosedive of late which is a hindrance, as I am too impatient to wait too long for paint to dry; not advisable with watercolours.

Other local scenes are available for sale on my website:


  1. Graham, have you been prevented from painting outside during the pandemic? I am just curious because this is a solitary kind of activity….especially if you are painting in the countryside? Cheers from 🇨🇦

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    • Well, they weren’t specific about the painting, but all you could do was exercise locally once per day. I saw single people sunbathing in a park being moved on by the police – you weren’t supposed to sit on a public bench – even on your own, so I extrapolated painting wasnt on.
      I did see a fellow, I mentioned it in my blog, painting the other week. He turned away as I approached and looked very sheepish.
      I felt if I painted it would only end up in an argument – so I opted getting photos and working at home.

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