I did these a few days ago when the lockdown was still tight on and the sun came out. This time I ventured off the decking and into the wilds of the garden.

and another one, looking back to the decking and the house.

With the weather set for an upturn this week I will try and venture from out the garden and into the countryside where I will hopefully find something more interesting than last time. Ill post the results whatever the outcome.

Other floral paintings and landscape are available on my website:


    • Thanks Shawn. The big plant is a flax and is hardy and the red are poppies. We are fairly mild being on the coast with the Gulf stream, but everything needs to be frost hardy.


    • Thanks. Being on the coast and warmed by the Gulf stream we have a less extreme than you do being inland, even though you are surrounded with lakes. So we get going quicker, but you soon catch up and overtake.


  1. Some pretty nice painting for on the quick and so nearby, Graham! 😊 Tried the link to your site re more florals and got msg (twice) server couldn’t be found, will try again later if I can. Glad ya’ll are getting some nicer weather too! ☀️

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