Maybe I’m undergoing some sort of epiphany or, then again, perhaps not, but I am painting a number of churches of late. I have a couple more in the pipeline, but this is a completed one.

I had been over to the sand dunes at Formby to do some early morning painting and was making my way back to the road when I glimpsed the church through the chestnut and sycamore trees. I squeezed in under a dilapidated fence and sat and painted the back of the church, though it was the light coming in through the leaves of the trees that adds the punch to this painting and I didn’t do that justice in my sketch. So here is my second go at home, sat in comfort, listening to a spot of Mozart – you can almost feel the sunshine.

Other churches and local paintings are available for sale on my website


    • Thanks Shawn. It`s mainly about leaving an edge at the top of the headstones where the light reflects. The colour for the stones is about the same only at different dilutions.


    • Thanks Tiffany. The place is surrounded with trees so you do get that effect of leading the eye. I have painted there before with painting groups – but that was in the evening. I just happened upon this on a bright morning. It always amazes me how light can transform a scene.

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    • Thanks Jo. I started at the top with desaturated UM blue, then, in different places on the paper, added burnt sienna, alizarin and UM blue and mixed it all just a little to get the variation of hues and some darkness.

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      • Thanks so much for sharing what you did. It’s great to put that technical knowledge together with your beautiful effect. I am really loving your work at the moment. All the best!

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