Continuing the local landscape theme on canvas I pushed on from the graphic style I have been showing recent. This time starting with some loose washes and textural work to see where that brought me out. I have done similar things in the past, favouring blue/purple/yellow orange combinations, but this time went for greens and reds, though yellow seemed to pushed its nose in there as well.

And this was the result. Too messy? too many motifs? I’m certainly undecided. I also wonder whether adopting this complementary colour approach also causes confusion. Keeping things in one colour segment and working tonally might calm things down.

Other landscapes are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. Hi Graham, I am no expert. I loved this as soon as my eyes saw it. I love complexity, and this seems to tell a story. Its interesting, it draws me into it and makes me ponder on the man, the man, the home, the setting. Beautiful and airy, directive, complex and draws me into a seeming story. thank you

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  2. Hi, found you via MultipleMichael. 💛 Gorgeous painting, I love this surreal/impressionist/abstract-seeming mosaic blend, and especially the colours. Love the face and the blue hat, and its position in the painting also.

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