I have shown versions of this before and here is the latest manifestation following more changes. This time I thought that the figure on the left needed improvement and I made it in the likeness of Duncan Ferguson a key player for Everton which is represented by the blue. This counters the right side with the Liverpool hero Steven – so establishing some symmetry and evening up the accolades for this football obsessed city.

I admit that not a great deal has changed since the last time but with my daughter up from London for a few days I didnt get much painting done and this was all I could fit in – so take a slice of Liverpool.

Other scenes of Liverpool are available for sale on my website:


      • Ah. Coastal living. How wonderful. I have a friend that was born & raised in Liverpool but, now resides in Manchester. I also have another friend in Llandeilo.

        I’m in the States, in central North Carolina. I seem to follow a lot of UK bloggers. LOL! Dover, York, Beverley, one guy in Scotland and a lady farmer in Wexford County, Ireland (I know that Ireland isn’t part of the UK, tho…). I also follow a lady whose Dad was from Devon & her Mom was from Galway. She was raised in Galway and, eventually, married an American & was naturalized. She was up in New York, somewhere but, moved down to my state about four months ago. She stopped blogging about three months ago and I fear what has happened to her.

        Anyway…I love your paintings.

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  1. Thanks for your comments. I live near Royal Birkdale Golf Club used occasionally for the British Open. It is a links course, one of many in the area on this sandy coast. I have recently posted some paintings of the coastline, northwards up from Liverpool. Though I`m not from around here – I`m from the deep south – the coast of Sussex looking over to France.


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