With yesterday being the last day of the month – and summer – and clear skies forecast, I packed my rucksack and headed out on the bike. This first sketch was of a cottage alongside a country lane – Small Lane South. The low light was sublime in the early morning.

Despite full sun the atmosphere was cold and it took a lot of waving to dry my paper between washes which slowed down my progress somewhat.

This second sketch was of a favourite subject of mine, Clieves Hills. I was sat on the edge of a wheat field, but the crop looked unusable. It was flattened by the wind and dampened by the rain we have suffered with of late. We might be paying more for our bread next year.

After tramping across dew wet fields, my trainers were sodden, making my feet cold and my arms were aching from flapping my wet paintings in the breeze, so I decided to call it a day. Hopefully we might get some warmer autumn days to get out and paint in a less frenetic style – anyway, at least I got out.

Other landscape paintings are available on my website:


    • Thanks Shawn – low 20s would be nice – even just 20. The vegetation does look dried out in the bottom one, but I overdid the reds and browns and it was really rain sodden wheat. But it looks nicer than it was.


  1. What I love about your sketches is that I feel that I am seeing these places, too, through your eyes. They really do capture the feel of the countryside. You are a true plein aire painter, braving less than ideal weather to get the sketches in

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    • Thanks, glad you get benefit from them. I must admit though, I am not as hardy as you seem to think. I will only go out if it is sunny as the light is so important to me and I may have stayed in bed if I had known it was as cold as it was – but nevertheless, I enjoyed myself.


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