I was looking to do an abstract inspired by the gorgeous colours of a Corsican summer and pulled out a painting I had completed a few years ago of a corsican hill-top village. I got quickly sidetracked and thought I could improve on this old painting so set about repainting much of it. The result is disappointing, no progress here, though I did get some ideas for colours and textures for the abstract. For the record the original I painted over is shown below.

Other landscapes are available for sale on my website:


    • Thanks Micheal. I had intended for the foreground to be undefined but my pedantry forced in defined rocks at the top and it went from bad to worse – so those middle ground rocks look out of kilter.
      In the end I bailed out – but it was a learning exercise.


  1. Thanks, though I’m not sure what universal measurement system you have to rank paintings. Unfortunately the one you like got painted over – though I can see the colour saturation is much greater on it which the other one disappointingly didnt achieve. One day… one day.


      • I’m trying to do more abstract and have one on the easel right now. I can’t look it in the eye yet…just sort of sidle past on my way for more coffee. Maybe today it will make more sense.

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      • Yeah, they’re not easy to do particularly when you’re not doing them regularly. I play around in sketchbooks with acrylic and pastels until I am happy with the textures, tones and colours. That is the stage I am at with the Corsican one. In the meantime I am doing a standard seascape – just to feel I am accomplishing something.


      • I’m coming across more artists who keep one foot in the “real” world and one in the abstract and it is feeling healthy to me.

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