I have struggled with this painting and have decided to stop and have a rest. Publishing it will allow me to create some distance and ponder. I need the space: of late I have found my painting getting slower and slower and decisions taking longer and longer to make.

This painting comes from an old photo of a country lane near to where I live. I love the incongruous angles of the posts. The photo is below along with marks and water stains made by me.

I wanted to break the image up and decided to do this in a landscape format, like the photo. I did some thumbnail sketches.

And off I popped on a 75x50cm canvas. Before too long doubts crept in and out crept the gesso. Well the gesso came out after I had completed a new acrylic sketch over an old painting, which retained a lot of its original colours.

I thought that this format might be better so then the gesso did come out and I completed the painting at the top of the page. I thought that the notion of the painting being in three parts, with each part slipping past the other, echoed cars on this track having to negotiate past one another. I was reminded of that piece of performance art – Imponderabilia” Marina Abramovic where visitors had to squeeze between the naked artists stood at the only entrance to the exhibition. I apologise that this piece isnt as unnerving or erotic – but then that’s what you get on a Monday morning.

Other landscapes are available for sale on my website:


  1. I think when decisions become more difficult is often when you grow dissatisfied with what you have been doing in the past and want to try something else without changing too much. That is very difficult! Good luck . Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thanks Suzanne. Trying to find your way out of a conundrum can be difficult and that can then cause dissatisfaction. This is why I am letting the painting rest and moving on. A satisfactory resolution may percolate to the surface in due course. However, of late I am finding even the simple things trying. Roll on the summer.

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      • I know what you mean, Covid, confinement etc. Summer is a while still… maybe you should try another creative outlet like writing or try new mediums. I find my daily drawings very therapeutic and I learned new mediums, worked with digital, inks, crayons and watercolours without expectations, it is a nice change from painting and the pressure we put on ourselves to end up with a “satisfactory“ work of art. The pandemic teaches me to relax and explore other stuff. Don’t give up, we’ll be out of this soon. Take care 😊

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    • Thanks Ken. The central grass has been an area of concern for me too. I feel I need to break up the road way and I have considered some abstract forms, but that would be out of keeping with the rest. So I’m taking a break. I appreciate your input.

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    • Thanks Margaret. I have taken a couple of prints and stuck them in my sketchbook to see if, by playing around, I can come up with something I am happier with. Then again, when I thought out the present version I was excited by it – the travails of painting …

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