As practise for future plein air work I did this quickly on the back of an old painting, so I may not have got the proportions of the hill correct. I had an old photo and pretended that I was sat in a field getting it down with the minimum of washes. I also took the opportunity to jazz up the light at the same time. I was pleased with the result and I think the sky helps; along with ignoring a lot of the detail in the landscape. Its something I need to do more out in the field, putting in just enough detail to capture attention, but not getting bogged down.

Landscapes are available for purchase on my website:


    • Thanks Margaret. I get in the open and start working in different ways than in the studio. I was thinking if I could work more like I would in the studio it might yield more satisfactory results. So I was trying to get in the new mindset.

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  1. Thanks Kim. I only go on bright days, so I get good contrasts. Apart from the practise, I find it particularly meditative, sitting in in the sun and being completely focussed on what I’m painting. I cant recommend it enough.


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