We have been having some unseasonal weather of late in the UK with high pressure bringing plenty of sun and also sweeping up southerly air to warm us all. So on Sunday we went for a walk along the river in the bright warm sunshine. Returning to the car I noticed the hazy blueness of the trees and decided to set this off against oranges and yellows of the fields – exaggerating the colours and putting a toe into the surreal. It reminded me of a recent sketch I blogged of a puddle filled lane.

With great contrast coming from the strong, low sun other possibilities for paintings also offered themselves – so there may be more on the way.

Landscapes are available for sale on my website


  1. I really like the hazy, muted atmospheric effect and contrast of the foreground and background. The more saturated grass colour pops. I wonder if the ponds being in line with the grass has the same saturation being in less atmosphere? Or is it the same mix as the sky?

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    • Not quite sure what you mean Kingkang. On the left is a drainage ditch which drops down steeply. To the right of this are two trackways for cars, which were partially asphalted – you can see a figure walking on the left one. These were made up of 3 washes – each one slightly stronger – at each step being sprayed, when dry, with masking fluid before adding the next wash. This results in the varied texture on these pathways. In the distance they are about the same tone as the sky as they lighten as they recede.


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