Just two colours were used to paint this – a warm red and a cool blue. I wasnt sure whether it would come off, but after a lot of dry brushwork and the splattering of masking fluid, it started to take shape. I was pleased with the starkness of the image – you can almost hear the shingle being raked by the incoming waves.

And by way of contrast, a scene from the same beach, but with the tide out and the winter long forgotten.

This was an acrylic study and I used a few more colours here – but not many more.

Other beach scenes are available on my website:


  1. I like paintings with a very limited palette like this. And this one definitely captures that sense of a cold, choppy day at the beach. I like the tiny hint of red in the sky too.

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    • Thanks Chris. Using almost complementary colours makes for a grey tonal study, but with the two colours; biasing one over the other allows for some nice snatches of colour without losing the feeling and in this case, moodiness.

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