I have been continuing to play with acrylic inks. I completed a painting on canvas using inks and acrylic paint which I was pleased with. It had a floral connotations so have I have been searching for other themes for a new painting.

So I started to look at dance and movement which the ink lines can evoke. So this was the idea behind the top two – though the top one did take on a life of it’s own.

Continuing the movement theme, above, I tried to run the watercolour washes counter to the movements of the acrylic inks.

Another potential theme was the urban environment. The straight lines that the droppers of ink can easily produce convey man made objects.

And of course, I looked at the landscape, but this time I added the ink to watercolour washes rather than the other way around as I had done on the first four above.

Finally another landscape theme on a preprepared watercolour wash, but along with the acrylic inks I added some pastel as well.

Still playing. It keeps me off the streets.

Paintings for sale are available on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


    • Thanks Margaret, I find early random mark making on a painting can interfere with subsequent intentions as the painting develops, unless I have a plan. An example of this is the last painting. I had been playing around aimlessly with watercolour textures from spraying and tilting and had a couple of lovely textured pieces. However, I couldnt work out the next step. I kept returning to them over the weeks. In the end I decided to use one with the ink and pastel – it was the only use I could put it to and I am fairly indifferent to the result.
      If I start out with a theme in my head then that will shape my choices and I seem to get a higher success rate from that approach.


    • Thanks Tiffany, glad you like them. I think both genres inform the other and hopefully the abstract might loosen up my representational work. These are quick trials, similar to sketches I would do for representational paintings. I am not as instinctive as you, and need to see possible outcomes before committing to a full size painting. Otherwise it’ll turn out a disappointment as I only have the vaguest notion of where I want to go and seeing things on paper crystallises my thoughts.


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