On my last post I showed two sketches I did on a morning painting trip near Burscough in Lancashire. Here is a scene I saw on the way between those sketches. The old cottage and canal boats caught in the sunshine, contrasting with the shade of the bank I was cycling on. This was the reason why I didnt paint it at the time – being in the shade, the paint would have taken an eternity to dry and I would probably be still painting it.

Presently I am debating whether to go in darker with the overhanging leaves on the near bank: I was taken by the gloominess and darkness of the bank compared to the brightness on the other side. Perhaps a metaphor for life – though it looks like the cottage needs a lot of work doing to it and I’d much rather be out painting.

Other canal scenes are available for sale on my website:


  1. I don’t think you should go darker on the leaves because as it stands right now, my eyes are drawn to the building. I think darker leaves would draw my eyes to the foreground first. I love the purply-blue color! Love it!

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    • Thanks Margaret. You’ve thrown a spanner in the works here as the concensus was to leave alone. I might take some images of the painting and mess around with them to see the effects of darkening.

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  2. If your referring to the leaves on the top left of the painting, I think making it darker would help create more of a differentiation between the foreground and the house on the back. You could test it out with a photo editing software, and see if you like it darker or not. 🙂

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