I joined in a group exhibition in Southport where I live, and have been manning the gallery for a couple of days this week, as I am going on holiday the week after next. The shop is in a beautiful Victorian arcade, but unfortunately most of the shops are empty and footfall is low. To occupy my time between visitors, I painted this scene which is about 200 yards from the exhibition intending to put it in the exhibition. I have done quite a few of this street, called Lord Street, in the past and they have sold. The exhibition is on for six weeks and I have done quite well at this venue previously, though this time I am not holding my breath. I may try and get this painting in next week as there is still a bit of wall space available.

I put up a couple of Liverpool Street scenes, shown on the right, and the Southport street scene may fit in amongst them.

Other townscape paintings are available for sale on my website:


    • Thanks Margaret. I’ve used this venue with different groups for over ten years and have watched visitor numbers decline. When we started we could get 400 on a Saturday – now I think we wouldnt even get that in a week.

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  1. Ahhh, this looks like the kind of street I would enjoy with all the pubs and caffees. It reminds my of Jaque Cartier Square in Montreal, or the Sparks Street Mall in Ottawa. Hopefully now since covid numbers are dropping these businesses will see more patrons. How is Covid in the UK right now?Our numbers in Ontario, Canada are way down, but the Delta Varient is starting to spread and it is starting to go up again.

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    • Thanks Shawn. With the decline of the retail sector we seem to have become a cafe society with pubs/cafes opening up everywhere and taking over the pavements. So this could be a scene from many towns.
      As for Covid – our government saw fit to relax most controls as infection rates went up again – though with fewer serious cases. Over the last week infection rates have started to fall – probably the result of the European cup (soccer) having concluded, but we need to wait to see whether the relaxation of controls will cause it to rise again.
      We arent out the woods yet.


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