On holiday the other week we visited these gardens in Bexhill’s old town, in Sussex. The area was part of the old Manor built in 13th century and its remains can be seen. There are also other ruined buildings. These create small walled gardens and enclosed spaces. Many of the walls are made of flints, held together with mortar, a common method of construction here, as flint is found in the nearby chalk hills and beaches.

These gardens are well maintained and the present main building is used for weddings. The gardens are a favourite haunt of a lady who asked me to paint some views of it for her. This is the main rose garden and some of the buildings and ruins can be seen. This rose garden is used as a backdrop for wedding photos and garden parties.

The second painting is being worked up and I will post that on my next blog.

Other landscapes and floral paintings are available for sale on my website:


      • I think it came out really well, there’s a gentleness you’ve expressed for the figure so even before I expanded the image on my iPad I felt it must be a lady; and she melds so well with the surroundings! What size is the figure in the painting? I ask cause I tried a just-got-my Covid booster shot sketch today and really mauled it, lol! I think part of it was I was trying to get too much detail in too small a figure 😏 😊

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      • Thanks Felipe. I have sent the paintings off to the lady now, but I think the figure was about 2 inches tall. At that size you can only get the broadest features in, such as the hair, the shadow of the breasts and the general pose. To try to get too much just ends in a mess. That was why I was pleased with you saying it was a woman. At least I was halfway there.

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