Last week I was out, early morning, by the canal painting. As I was scouring the canal footpath, looking for suitable subjects, I saw the scene above. Without room to sit, I took some photos and painted this when I got home.

The sketches I did manage didnt have the same impact and I rather regretted not making myself a nuisance by sitting painting on the path.

With this view, above, I think I liked the light on the big tree as much as anything else.

Here, you can see the morning has got into its stride. The white of the boat immediately caught my attention and in the background the hawthorn berries gave some welcome complementary to the greens.

Whilst I sat and painted, a guy came to talk to me. He was a musician and certainly got my sympathy regarding the problems he had with the effects of both covid and music streaming on opportunities and income. Trouble was he spent twenty five minutes on this subject – so it slowed me down somewhat.

When I was putting together this article I thought it might reawaken the Troll who whose cowardly sneering peaks at the sight of canal art and who has been silent of late.

Wrong again. OCD Troll raged similarly against my last post – a seaside scene. So much so. that they sent two mouth frothing messages yesterday :

This is in no way ART!!….it is pure s***e!

And then twenty minutes later:

Pure crap.

Well the art was sold, Troll – yes art ( Troll’s ignorant of art history – what chance have I got?) to an artist, actually.

Other art is available for sale – even to Trolls – on my website: – that’s right, Troll, FINE ART. And I’ll be putting it out for a good while longer.


  1. I’ve been lucky so far re comments, plus my WP’s configured some way or other so I can approve etc. But yeah, nothing disproves as much as success, and your work sells! And even if it didn’t, take that top painting you did from your photo, it’s absolutely luminous!

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    • Thanks for those words Felipe. I too can approve (or not) comments but you still get them nonetheless (this idiot changes their wordpress log in name each time) and any new source of comment I have to approve.
      Really, my rant was an open statement to this intellectual cripple that whatever they say aint going to change me because actually they have nothing to say except they they dont like what I paint.

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      • Well you’ve more patience than I, Graham! So sorry you’re having to even go through that kind of stuff; and yeah, you’re right, if it’s an unknown IP etc you’d have to approve the comment; a bunch of mine just go straight to spam. Once in awhile I look in there and, though it’s all mostly junk spam, I do find a comment that’s kinda borderline.

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