I think I mentioned that I have a couple of exhibitions coming up. So apart from painting, I have been assembling paintings in readiness. Gathering the paintings together, I felt I needed another local forest scene and a beach scene to give me a good spread of subjects. Here is one forest scene I did this week.

But despite the loose splattering and layers of masking fluid, I felt that the painting lacks the punch I was after. I feel it needs more colour even though I injected more colour than is in the reference. I was also hoping the large tonal range would galvanise it but, for me, it isnt enough.

Fortunately I have time. I just need to produce a list for next week, so at the very worse, I can put down a generic title and keep my nose to the easelstone.

I dont regard these problems as a waste of time. It is a learning opportunity – even if it can get half forgotten in the months ahead. It is also good practise – something you can never get enough of.

Other forest scenes are available for sale on my website:


    • Thanks Julie. I too liked the background splatter of the trees onto damp paper. I added raw sienna and yellow in the fore ground but I feels it needs oranges and reds. If I do that I lose the integrity of the piece as I did it for a local show and the people there will spot the deviances. I’m going to leave it a while and then come back to it and probably add oranges and reds when I have less attachment to it.

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  1. I know how you feel, bout wanting a work to be something just a bit more, whatever that might be, but I really like this piece, Graham. One time, w/one of mine I felt kinda the same way, I went ahead and signed it, with a bit more contrast color (like on the red spectrum, once even just in white) and it was like magic making the painting pop, lol! Either way, all the best for you! 😊

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