This morning I am taking some paintings into the pop-up gallery for my first collaborative exhibition in the run up to Christmas. This one will run for a month and I will have to do one day a week manning the shop and hoping for some healthy sales.

So now on to the second exhibition, in November. I have already sent in my list for the catalogue, but not all the paintings had been completed. This one above is the last of the eight I will be submitting. I felt I needed a local beach scene: similar to the one I am putting in today. I must admit I prefer that one, but what one person likes, another doesnt. Again it is of Formby beach, a popular destination in this area.

Other beach scenes are available for sale on my website:


    • Thanks Louise. Though I guess 4C is still quite warm where you are when winter really unfolds. We are going through a very mild time here, but it will get cold shortly, but fortunately not as cold as with you. Anyway, a walk along the beach on a bright winter’s day can be good, though maybe with you it would just be a sea of ice.


  1. I love all of your beach paintings! Every time I see a painting of you with pastels I think I should try that too and every time I pick up Pastels I realise they and I are not going to be friends. All the more I like yours! 😀

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