It’s been an unusually busy week, so I am showing an old painting that I havent posted before. It is of part of Lord Street, in Southport, where I live. It depicts busier times. Yesterday and today I’m doing a double stint at the pop up gallery which is feet away from where this painting was painted from. In fact, this painting was sold at the same pop-up around 10 years ago when sales were much better.

Having said that, I sold a painting at the shop this Thursday. It was of the canal, a painting I posted recently. I think the low sun clinched the deal, as you can see below.

Yesterday we had 13 people visit all day – life can be very lonely as a gallery worker and we only managed to sell 4 cards.

I took a painting to work on, but only managed to do a bit as I left my glasses at home. I’m clearly in need of an assistant

On Wednesday this week, I did a watercolour demonstration at a small town just north of Blackpool, it was my first demo since the first lockdown in March 2020. It seemed to go well. The painting I demonstrated was the puddles on Back Street South which I sold the last time I was at the pop up gallery – but that was the only one I did sell all month. I think I posted that very recently, but I still like it, so here it is again.

Well it’s Saturday, today, so we might get a few more punters at the gallery. I left my quarter completed painting there overnight, so I will try and remember my spectacles today and then I might have something to show for my next post.

Other townscapes, landscapes and anything else you can imagine are available on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com



  1. Slow customer count is the current rate it seems, we’ve seen a bit of a pick up at the Old Bakery where I mostly show right now (looking at a few more options) – but back to your work (oh, and do I know what you mean “trying” to paint w/out glasses, lol!) – love all 3 pieces, but your top piece, with the figures and slanting misty-filtered light is my fav; but all 3 have their striking points! Hope you get some sales and some painting done, Graham 😊

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    • Thanks Felipe. I Got the painting done – what you can do when you can see straight. I had a better day today with 73 visitors. I even sold another painting of mine and someone else’s painting as well, which makes selling one of my own a little less embarrassing. I also managed to ship a print and a number of cards. So a good day in all.
      Best of luck with your exhibition.

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      • Sounds like things kicked in gear, Graham! And I’ll gladly take your good wishes 😊 We don’t get to man the Old Bakery yet like before Covid, but the crew there, some of the prev folks & some new, seem to do really well 😊

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  3. Nice paintings, I really like seeing the busy foot traffic on Lord Street, reminds me of better times when people were not worried about covid and people would gather in crowds. You really captured the light well. I also like your painting of the country road and the potholes.

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    • Thanks Shawn. We had problems with footfall well before covid. Internet shopping is a big culprit, as well as local issues.
      Yes, I do like the puddles in the road – that’s why I keep showing it.


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