Now all the planned exhibitions have either finished or are currently running I can stop painting local scenes and start playing around a bit more. This is a half imperial size (56x76cm) watercolour – so double the size of watercolour I’ve been painting of late.

I’m not sure of its commercial value, but working into light is something I love doing. In this case it was a low evening sun washing a golden glow over the subject and casting long violet shadows. Not to forget the transparent feather tips of the gulls which seemed to carry their own illumination, particularly when set against the shadows. So I got a great deal of satisfaction doing it.

I’m not sure of the sentiment of feeding gulls and pigeons; as all you end up doing is increasing the population and teaching them to rely on people for food. But I did like the guy struggling with his plastic bag full of breadcrumbs, perilously close to having the bag being whipped from his hands by an impatient gull.

Other figurative paintings are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. Nice painting, I remember when I was a kid I fed some seagulls. The one came, then he started Squacking very loudly. The next thing I knew, there were 200 gulls flocking around me. I rarely feed birds now. Excepts for our Blue Jays, and Cardinals. I like the sense of depth in your painting, all the people, and birds shrink into the background.

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    • Thanks Shawn. Having rashly castigated the man for feeding the birds, I too have a birdtable with nuts and seed feeders and fat hangers for the smaller birds. Fortunately the gulls and pigeons cant normally get at this – though the pigeons grow fat on my vegetables when I forget the netting.


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