With house guests and other problems I havent much to show, so here is a painting I sold in 2006. I recall spotting this scene over a wall as I was out painting. I couldnt find anywhere to perch as there was a ditch in the way, so a few photos had to suffice and I completed it back home.

The old garden lit by the low sun and the view across the field of barley. It is a simple scene done simply, perhaps something I dont do these days. We were discussing it the other day, as we packed up one of our exhibitions. We didnt sell much, but some of the few that sold were simple landscapes – many of them anonymous. Certainly food for thought in the coming months, when hopefully I will be out on my bike painting our local countryside.

Other landscapes and floral paintings are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. ::sigh:: It’s lovely! The weather here has been stultifying murk for days. Your painting’s glowing beauty – those luscious colors and warming light – give me hope for better days. 👏♥️👏

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      • Haaaa!! I’m a winter person – it’s just clouds & humidity that hang around for days & days that irk me. We’re supposed to go up to 95 here this weekend – I’m already disgusted with summer & it isn’t even here yet! I want icy winds in bright sunshine! ❄️☀️ Thank you, Graham!! 🥰👋


    • Thanks Friedrich. It was a property on a bye-passed old lane, and I’ve done a number of paintings down there. Unfortunately it’s quaintness is being lost as the desirable properties and gardens are being gentrified and the peacefulness is being lost behind high fences and secure gates.


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