Most mornings I cross Crescent Road and see this view. It is close to where I live and on a sunny morning the glow of the red bricks complementing the verdant hedges and other foliage as well as the patterns of light and shade always captures my attention. So I thought I would paint it and add it to my small collection of local paintings. And here it is for you, a small snapshot of where I live.

Other local paintings are available for sale on my website:



  1. Lovely, lovely! Beautiful area, wonderful image. Watercolor? The colors are so rich! The few times I’ve tried watercolor the results have been pale, washed out. You’ve inspired me to try again! Thank you! 🥰👋

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    • Thanks Robin. Yes they are watercolour. I use tubes of professional watercolour paint(high pigment load) rather than pans. This means you can get plenty of paint and have rich areas of intense colour ( not as intense as acrylic inks, though) So you can vary between subtle light to intense dark tones. After all, you use all the keys on the piano – not just the middle ones.

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