I am presently reviewing some of my old paintings and looking at a change in style. Here is one painting I decided to rework. It is a view across the fields at Ambleside in the English Lake District. I felt it needed emphasis of both the gentle changes in tone in the background and the light and shade of the foreground. By happy accident, extending the same palette across the whole picture produces a satisfying cohesiveness.

I may have different opinions in a few months time, but at the moment I think I have moved forward on this one. There are many more to go, if I have the stamina.

Other landscapes and Lake District scenes are available for sale on my website:



  1. It’s beautiful! I love how you coax the eye through and around – and far into the distance and back again. How in the world do you make those fine details in the branches Amazing! Lovely colors, peaceful and warm – full of life. 👏♥️👏

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