This was the last of a series I recently painted of our local coastline. They have familiar themes to others I have painted. In this one I liked the shadows cast by the nearest clump of marram grass and the distant beach as it drifts away into infinity. It is an expansive area of sand where, in some areas, you barely see a soul as you walk beneath the towering dunes.

This set of paintings gives me some choice when I come to select paintings for the exhibitions which are fast approaching.

Other seaside and beach paintings are available for sale on my website:



  1. Your art is inspiring. It makes me want to learn pastel painting. I have some but have never picked them up. I will be doing so soon, after seeing how beautiful your work is, it makes me want to give it a try myself.

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    • Thanks Tina. If you have some give them a go. I use chalk pastels (not oil pastels). They are a great medium to get fast images, even if they are a bit messy. You can use them over gouache or watercolour as well. Best of luck.


      • Thank you! I have both oil and chalk and was wondering which to start with, you must have read my mind! LoL Have a great day!

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