You would be almost correct if you thought you’d seen this before. It is another version of a watercolour I posted earlier in the month. This time I put it on a 76×50 cm canvas and used acrylics. I pushed back the thicket on the right, compressing the trunks and focussed more on the shadows they created on the path – adding a few more for good measure. Hopefully I’ve created a bit more energy on this one and it more accurately reflects the feeling I had cycling through our local woods in Ainsdale on that recent sunny Saturday.

Other landscapes are available for sale on my website:



    • It’s like having to chose between your children Vic. Fortunately I only have the one.
      As for media, all have their advantages and it really depends on the subject and my mood.
      I started with watercolour, so that remains the main one, but I seem to be using the others more and more. Well, all except for oils and I was thinking the other day that I need to make an effort and get back to exploring that again.
      So, I dont think I have answered your question, Vic, but in any case, have a nice day.


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