Following the last post with my yellow roses, I decided to keep the floral theme going. Besides, I had the yellow paint out, and so I thought that I would have a go at painting the flowers from one of my azalea bushes. In the right light they have an orange tinge and I thought I’d push that in the painting. I used a bit of masking fluid for the stamens, but that was all the masking I did. I was also concerned about all the foliage and decided to do a very loose, almost abstract, background to represent the leaves. So here is the result. Upon reflection I could have got the flowers a shade bigger and perhaps echoed the floral shades in the background with a few loose hints of orange yellow. Though I do like the way the flowers stand out – probably because of the hard edges of the flowers against the soft edges of the greenery.

I also had time to paint a version of the yellow roses for the website. As there was no time constraints I added an extra flower head and below is the result.

So if you need a floral painting or two shoot over to my website and bag yourself some bargains:



  1. Your yellow roses are gorgeous! I am especially attracted to that painting because I love how you made the yellow run off the page suggesting the warmth of the summer sun in that flower bed! I think we need a dash of that warmth…(-17C) at the moment over here. Cheers from 🇨🇦

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    • Thanks Louise. Yes the yellow reinforces the colour of the roses and underlines the light source. -17 doesnt sound much like fun. If we get -5 for a few days it tends to weaken my enthusiasm, especially if its cloudy and dark.

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