Well, I couldnt resist taking a few pictures of this couple down at our local lake, feeding the birds. More so, because it was into the sun and the birds sang out like jewels – helped by the dark shadow cast by one of the stores in the nearby retail park. Then there was the plastic bag held by the woman, the biggest diamond, catching the sunlight.

Not one I’d like to do plein air neither for its complexity nor because of the chill wind down there that day, but it was a nice little exercise in the warmth of my studio, arranging and adjusting the players and building up the tones.

Other park scenes and animanl paintings can be found on my website:



    • Thanks. The woman was central to this with her pose and bag. I am not sure whether she had glasses, but they appeared in my washes and they just explain the face better. And it was the light picking out pieces of the subject that just made the image sing.


  1. Thanks. It was the lighting that attracted me to this image, though now I am unsure about the male figure. It might work better with just the lady and her bag. I may have another go at it.


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