I am exploring a few subjects for a local, upcoming exhibition and wondered whether this beach scene might be worth an airing. I have done similar versions of it before but the open expanse of beach, as it melds into the sea and sky, is a difficult proposition to balance up. In the past I have filled the top part of the open expanse with cloud – this time I thought that the energy of agitated gulls might be a better resolution. I have over a week, so there is a bit of time to play around.

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    • Thanks for your ideas Gail. I agree that the positioning can have a radical effect. If I followed yourt suggestion, the gulls would have to be bigger ( or the figure would get too small – being pushed further back) and it all might get too much – well unless I reduced the numbers of gulls. I also wanted the man and his dog there for the story that the gulls were settling back down again after the disturbance.

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    • Thanks Louise, the movement of the gulls was important to me for this painting.
      We get a lot of migratory birds on this stretch of coast. Some going north and some south and people like to walk their dogs on the sands – so the inevitable can happen…


    • Thanks Christopher, though I think Constable would have made more of the clouds ( as an aside, in the V+A museum in London, you can leaf through copies of his sketchbooks, that hang beside his paintings). I think my hazy, luminous sky is more Turneresque ( like one of his preprepared beginnings)- evoking a Venetian lagoon.

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