About my painting

Hi, I am a painter and sculptor in Southport Merseyside, U.K. who works in a variety of media and exhibits locally. My subjects vary but I am influenced by the local landscape and townscapes. I also do a lot of life drawing. I find this allows me to explore different media and improves my drawing skills.

I started this blog to increase my internet footprint and support my website. However, since I started I have found it a useful way of putting out my work just so that I can look at it. I can then consider it from a different perspective and it makes me rework some pieces. I try and put most of what I do on the site, so it is a kind of diary of my painting and this means that there is quite a bit of stuff I would rather forget. Having said that there are times when you can be pleasantly surprised by what you produce.

A lot of what I put on this blog finishes up on my website:


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