P1020566(1)a         I was playing around looking at creating surfaces in abstract ways using tone and colour temperature, but drifted off when things didn’t go as planned and playing around came up with this. As it was quite small and on paper I thought about trying it on a 50x70cm canvas.

I liked the juxtaposition of the organic/formless aspects and the hard defined shapes which I then played around with, breaking up edges and working into. The canvas version is below and I think that it has some merits, although I couldn’t get the mixing I got on the paper – the weave of the canvas preventing it. What I could do is coat the canvas with gesso and sand down. I have found seven applications and sanding gets a flawless surface which might emulate paper and allow me to get the effects I got on the paper. Or I could just go with paper, but then I would need to think about the kind of support I would need.

I will be pondering on this. Meanwhile, other abstract paintings are available for sale on my website:




P1020565(1)aEvery time I look at this I end up adding a bit more, so it may move on a little before I exhibit it – but that’s enough for now. I wanted to get the feel of the wear  and decay that I experienced when exploring the city. It uses images I have painted and posted before, as well as new ones.

Other paintings of Venice and other towns and cities are available on my website:


 P1020562(1)a These two paintings were started on a ground of grey undercoat to which I added some blue and white. They were done on different days but the grounding seems to have driven similar styles and colour choices without me being conscious of the fact. I bought a big tin of undercoat so I must try and alter my approach on the next one.

I also must try and get both feet in -I’m always trying to maximise the form and invariably miscalculate.


Other life painting can be found on my a website:


P1020550(1)Another painting done whilst on gallery duty on Thursday. It was from a walk I did last Tuesday in an area north of Settle in god’s own county of Yorkshire. We were returning to Settle along the River Ribble when we had to do a detour as the landowner didnt like the riff-raff on their land and we walked along a country lane to the wall in front of the farm ahead and then through the gap in the wall by the barn on the left and then onwards beside the river again. I liked the way the walls and road curved ahead to reveal the farm and way forward.

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P1020549(1)a  This was a painting I almost completed  whilst I did my stint at an exhibition of works by a small group of painters I recently joined. So far I’ve done ok selling four, five if you include the one I donated for the hospice  that they are collecting for.

This was from an amalgam of an advert I saw and some of my own photos. I did  like the light on the glasses and subjects, but I am not too excited by the end result.

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I have been doing a lot of walking as part of my recuperation from  a hip operation. This means looking into gardens as I slowly pass by. On one occasion  I saw a great view through a gate into a sunlit back garden and wondered whether I could make some kind of painting from it . I then realised I needed a point of interest for the view, but when I decided on a slumbering subject I realised that perhaps a fence and a gate didn’t make for a very interesting foreground.  So I opened  up the foreground and put some peonies and catnip  there instead. So the painting bears absolutely no resemblance to what I saw – except perhaps a sunlit lawn –  it has just been built up out of necessity. Well, it amuses me anyway.

Other figurative paintings can be found for sale on my website: