This is a local park in Southport I visited early one sunny morning. The glass-house has  been restored and I have exhibited paintings there over the years. The painting was done in three colours –  red, blue and yellow all on the warm side.

I decided to try a painting using  three primaries,  but on the cool side: winsor yellow, alizarin red and Prussian blue. This was of a farm near Little Crosby on a bright evening.



As the colours were more staining and not pigments which contained heavy metals I noticed that they moved about much more readily on my first wash – which is very loose. In fact there were some areas which lost their pigment completely – so I had to go back in. I then made heavy work of the ragwort ( well I think that was what it was) in the foreground. In hindsight I should have used more masking fluid and got the lit surfaces to sing  against the shaded areas. Maybe one to try again.

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