I have a number of hydrangeas in the garden but they are predominately pink despite adding buckets of aluminium salts to to turn them blue, the colour I prefer. Someone recently told me that the soil also needs to be acidic, so that may be my next approach, but the other day as I was crawling amongst the undergrowth I discovered I actually had a small blue hydrangea which I think was a gift from a visitor. So you got a painting. There may be more of these if I discover the trick of turning the rest blue.

Talking of more: here’s another attempt at my lush gladioli, the subject of the last post. There were a few issues with the first one, despite the overall effect of the main blooms that I was very satisfied with.

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P1020534(1)I suppose it was the early morning mistiness  and recession past the trees which interested me as much as the horses. This was done with three colours cad. red, cad. yellow and ultramarine and mixing a lot of them on the paper.

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Perhaps its the onset of winter that drove me to consider painting some more flowers. I have tried hydrangeas in the past without success and I must admit I was after a looser effect. In the end I am not too displeased with this rather tight depiction particularly with the way the colour of the flowers got dragged into the leaves. I might have another go with some phlox and try and break a few  more of those shackles.

Other floral paintings are on my website