I painted a version of this many years ago and was very pleased with the outcome. So, it appears, was someone else, who bought it. The original version played on the lightness of the scene and I wondered whether a more punchy painting was to be had by extending the darks and focussing in on one plant. So here it is, a trifle late as, around here, summer slips to autumn.

Though, hopefully, it zings for you too. My original which I posted in 2015 is below.

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This is a painting of a guy I was at art college with and who occasionally models. He stepped in last week when the original model pulled out. I was pleased with the face as it captured him really well, the trouble is with the hands, which I could have tidied up later, but as I gave him the painting at the end of the session, it’s too late.

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Well, the planet’s turned its tilt and summer’s on its way so I’m into flowers again. I had these images of irises in my garden which I took last year. I find them a very fussy flower and needed someway to depict them. By pushing hard light behind them I was able to focus on shapes and reduced the intricate patterns. I was pleased with the early washes which mainly remain in the background, but in order to retain these washes the arrangement of the budding flowers was a bit compromised and I needed them for linkage, so couldn’t leave them out.

Well I’m on with another floral and the sun’s come out, so let’s see what happens .

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